FZ Series: Supersport DNA in a versatile package.
FZ Series motorcycles have the heart of a racer in a versatile body. Brutal power and impressive torque comes from engines based on Yamaha Supersport bikes.The ideology of the FZ series is straightforward: real-world performance – wherever, whenever. We applied our Art of Engineering philosophy to creating machines that excite on every ride. That means the engine uses refined cam profiles, intake/exhaust spec and fuel injection mapping for astonishing thrust over a broad rpm range. FZ Series models are built for real life with confidence-boosting handling, renowned Yamaha build quality and traffic-stopping looks that take your breath away.

It’s easy to find yourself out for longer than planned on an FZ1 Fazer/ABS – the ride quality and performance have that effect. But there’s no need to worry, because an upper fairing keeps you comfy all day and protected from the weather, and there’s plenty of room for luggage when you decide the ride’s going to last all weekend.

Open up the FZ1 Fazer and you’ll feel a specially-tuned version of Yamaha’s 998cc Supersport engine that made its name as one of the top performers in its category, both on the road and on the race track.

The FZ1 Fazer comes with high levels of torque to give superb acceleration in the mid-speed range. What this means for the rider is a machine that is exciting, versatile and easy to use in a range of common riding situations.

The FZ1 Fazer comes with a cast aluminium frame designed to match the performance of the R1-based engine. The compact size is 89 mm narrower than the 2005 design, and has been made using Yamaha’s pioneering metal mould casting system, which allows it to be built with an idealised rigidity balance for excellent handling.

You will have plenty of traction and perfect suspension on the FZ1 Fazer whether you’re on winding country lanes or bumpy city streets, thanks to the extra-long truss-type aluminium 624 mm swingarm suspension. Engineered through Yamaha’s exclusive ‘CF die-cast’ aluminium casting method, it’s both light and strong.

The first time you get on an FZ1 Fazer, you notice the comfortable forward riding position. A short fuel tank and long seat, along with low, close handlebars give a sporty forward riding position that aids the agile and responsive handling by positioning the rider closer to the front wheel.

Dual 320 mm front disc brakes reflect the FZ1 Fazer’s high performance potential. These large-diameter discs are gripped by radially mounted 4-piston callipers: extremely resistant to deformation during braking, they deliver excellent control. They are complemented by a 245 mm disc at the rear.


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