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One ride on the R6 lets you know that this bike was born on the racetrack. Its MotoGP-bred technology is tuned to give you the kind of outstanding engine and chassis performance usually reserved for professional riders.

Its ultra-high-revving short-stroke engine unleashes dazzling power, made even more responsive by the state-of-the-art YCC-I (Yamaha Chip Controlled-Intake) and YCC-T (Yamaha Chip Controlled-Throttle).

Everything about the R6 is geared towards ultimate cornering, and getting rider and machine working as one. The chassis gives you razor sharp, ultra-responsive handling, and adjustable front forks for optimal track performance.

Motorcycles made for winning

Yamaha motorcycles are tested in world championship competition by the world’s greatest riders.The R6’s ability to carve through the competition on the racetrack took British Rider Chaz Davies to the front of the 2011 World Supersport Championship, leaving all other supersport machines in its wake. Its outstanding balance and everyday ease of use has also made it a winner away from the track, with riders enjoying its scalpel like precision on the roads.If you want to turn your R6 into a full-on racetrack machine, Yamaha Motor Engineering’s YEC range are the only officially approved racing kit parts for R-Series bikes.

Radical, compact body work

The first time you see an R6, you notice its slick minimalism. Its components are concentrated around the bike’s centre of gravity, and this radical look underlines the agile performance of this class-leading middleweight. Combine this with the mass-forward set-up, and you get a motorcycle that appears to be lunging forward out of every corner.

Racing-style slipper clutch

The R6 features a slipper clutch. This ensures a smoother downshift – especially for the entry into corners – by absorbing the back torque forces from the rear wheel during downshifting.

EXUP exhaust

Ride an R6, and you ride a machine of class-leading technology. Its EXUP exhaust improves engine efficiency by adjusting exhaust gas flows with a valve that opens and closes according to engine speed.

Aluminium die-cast Deltabox

The R6’s lightweight aluminium Deltabox frame and aluminium swingarm provide MotoGP-inspired rigidity balance, for razor-sharp handling and amazing feedback.

Fully adjustable upside-down front forks

The fully adjustable, upside-down forks mean low-speed and high-speed compression damping and rebound damping adjustments for precise feedback from the road or the racing circuit and adjustable ride height allows for individually tailored chassis behaviour.

Cutting-edge electronics

The R6’s cutting-edge electronics include the YCC-I (Yamaha Chip Controlled-Intake), which electronically adjusts the intake funnels for perfect performance and torque across the rpm range. The YCC-T (Yamaha Chip Controlled-Throttle) controls the throttle-valve for instantly responsive and superbly smooth power.



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