FJR1300A ownership comes a whole new outlook on life. Distance will no longer be a barrier. And those journeys you thought you would never make will now become reality.Built to cover 1000 km or more each day, this remarkable motorcycle opens up a new world of possibilities for you and your partner. Combining sports performance with long-distance luxury, and featuring a fully-loaded standard specification, this motorcycle is ready to take you to a very special place.

Featuring a Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) for smooth power delivery, the advanced inline 4-cylinder powerplant delivers outstanding sports performance. Its high torque output makes for strong acceleration in all gears – and the impressive top end enables you to cover massive distances without trying too hard.

For maximum riding pleasure, the FJR1300A is designed to allow easy adjustments to the riding position and aerodynamics. The seat height and handlebar position can be fine-tuned to suit different riding styles – and there’s also an electrically adjustable screen and an air management system for added wind protection.

The latest-generation FJR1300A benefits from some of the industry’s most advanced electronic control systems. A switchable traction control system (TCS) gives added confidence by preventing the rear wheel from spinning when activated, while the new Yamaha D-Mode system offers the choice of relaxed or sporty engine settings.

Touring riders can cover many thousands of kilometres in a few days, and so anything that makes those hours in the saddle even more relaxing has got to be welcomed. Operating between 3rd and 5th gear from 50km/h to 180km/h, the latest cruise control system enhances riding enjoyment and allows the rider to respect speed limits.

To complement its sophisticated sport tourer specification, the latest FJR1300A is now equipped with a high-specification 3-part instrument panel. This high-tech automobile-style console includes an analogue tachometer on the left, central digital speedometer and a multi-function dot matrix display on the right.

For increased riding luxury, every effort has been made to ensure that the FJR’s sleek bodywork offers optimum wind protection. For enhanced comfort, the latest model benefits from a reshaped windscreen and front cowling, as well as a modified centre air duct, to give improved wind protection while maintaining the bike’s effective aerodynamics.


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